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Horti Club. offers a wide variety of residential and commercial landscaping services from landscape design to lawn maintenance to new lawn installations. In addition, our lawn maintenance staff is well experienced and skilled in all phases of property maintenance.

Horti Club caters to every customer whether it is for a small planting job or a complete property over haul. Call Horti Landscaping Services today as we have the experience to assist you with your landscape project.

  • Outstanding, Flexible and Affordable Landscape
  • Highly qualified (Ph.D) landscape professionals.
  • Modern concepts of landscape.
  • Landscape designing.
  • Execution of designs.
  • Lawn grass installation & management.
  • Installation of landscape features (Patio, Pergola, Gazebo, Child play area, Garden Furniture, Steps and path ways).
  • Cacti garden.
  • Rock gardening.
  • Soil and water analysis.
  • Soil treatment.
  • Aquascape (Water fall, Fountain, Swimming pool, Pond, etc;).
  • Energy saving landscape.
  • Installation of garden lights (Solar Lights).
  • Landscape Design
  • Genre Installation
  • Seeding or Sodding
  • Sod & Ornamental Installing
  • Substance Plants & Interestingness Installment
  • Irrigation Artifact
  • Genre Illumination
  • Hardscape Artifact
  • Facility Features
  • Landscape Fixture
  • Landscape Improvement
  • Sward Conception
  • Turf Aeration
  • Thespian & Ornamental Fixing
  • Tree & Bewilder Remotion
  • Irrigation Upkeep
  • Eroding Contain
  • Pesticide Remedy
  • Ground Disease Examine
  • Sod Epizoon Skillfulness
  • Greensward Tracheophyte Restrain
  • Player & Ornamental Pesticide Employment

Lawn Irrigation Systems Installed

  • Sprinkler
  • Drip irrigate (Bubble)

Sprinkler Rain Guns


Lawns and plants are irrigated by contrastive methods. The methods diverge supported upon both ground and place needs and conditions. Horti Club helps to wage you with the fitting irrigation grouping suited to your lawn and garden needs.

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WELCOME TO HORTI CLUB. Horti Club Is a great Landscaping company. Don't worry in your landscaping problems. All Landscaping Solutions can be easily solve by Horti club Contact US: +923217681547